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Sara's Genealogy Research
Sara's Genealogy Research
Sara's Tip of the Month:
​What happens when you die? This is not a philosophical question, rather a practical one. You have done all of this family tree research or you may be in the midst of it so what happens to it if and when the inevitable happens?  Make your wishes be known now whether it is written in your will or just a talk with your spouse or kids.  
Maybe a relative is very interested in genealogy or maybe a historical society or library is the right place to have your research placed after your death. Don't let your research go to waste, keep it among the living!

Happy Hunting!

 Interested in getting your family's genealogy researched or do you need help  solving a  brick wall in your own research?  

We can help!  Sometimes all you need is a fresh pair of eyes to see what you have been missing in your family history.   Consultations via email are free.  Just tell us what you already know and what you want to know!
With over 15 years of extensive US genealogy research experience along with a localized history in German, Italian, Portuguese and Swedish records, we can handle most any type of genealogy research you are interested in.  Your family's history could be just a click away, contact us to see what we can do for you.  

Services include minimal to extensive family history research with the flexibility to handle special situations on a case by case basis.  Costs are based on hourly research fees and expenses, which are always extra.  Clients are kept informed along the way and given options when available, we strive to keep costs to a minimum.
Genealogy Research
Areas of Specialty:

Ohio, Michigan, Indiana,
Pennsylvania & New York

We do family history research all across the US with vast experience in the  Midwest as well as the Northeast.
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Updated Ohio Adoption Information:

For information on how to obtain your Adoption File for adoptions legalized before 1964.

For information on how to obtain your Adoption File for adoptions legalized between 1964 and 18 Sep 1996.
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